Fisher Jeffreys

Artist involved

Collette Gray (Kokatha), Janine Gray (Wirangu/Kokatha),
Sherrie Jones (Yindjibarndi) Natalie Austin, Charmaine Kaapa,
Verna Lawrie (Mirning), Beaver Lennon (Mirning)
Josephine Lennon (Matutjara/Mirning),
Jamie Newchurch (Wirangu), Christine Tschuna (Wirangu) Raylene, Coleman (Pitjantjatjara/Kokatha), Cynthia Charra, Elizabeth Douglas, (Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY)) 

About SALA

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a statewide festival of Visual Art.

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival program is officially launched today, with a ground-breaking 9000 artists taking part in over 700 exhibitions and events across Adelaide and regional SA.

SALA, which runs from August 1-31, is an open access event that literally brings the colour, creativity and vision of the visual arts to our city streets, laneways, suburbs and country areas. SALA not only soaks our surrounds in amazing art works, it also redefines our traditional ideas of art, artist and canvas.

Celebrating its 21st year, SALA is Australia’s biggest community-based visual arts festival that includes painting, sculpture, video, multimedia, photography, performance and so much more. This inclusive, far-reaching scope of SALA is at the core of its importance and significance to all South Australians.

Exhibition spaces this year include a hairdressing salon, cemetery, a day surgery, bathroom supplies store, tattoo parlour as well as shops, cafes, pubs, wineries, restaurants and more.                                                      

Credit to Serena Gunter and Yana Tschuna

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