About Arts Ceduna

Arts Ceduna, situated at the Ceduna Aboriginal Culture Centre sells artwork on behalf of at least 136 artists in the Far West region of South Australia. Arts Ceduna opened its doors in July 2001 and the development of this business has been a great achievement for the Aboriginal community in Ceduna and the Far West. Currently Arts Ceduna is one of the programs managed by the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation (CAC), providing economic and artistic development opportunities to artists in the CACs' outreach communities such as Oak Valley, Yalata, Scotdesco and Koonibba.

Arts Ceduna continues to initiate positive outcomes for all Aboriginal artists of the far West, including new economic, skills development and community cultural development opportunities. Initiatives and services to artists include the provision of high quality materials to artists, training, artist residencies and safe working environments and facilities that encourage artists to produce, develop, promote and sell Aboriginal visual arts.

Artists from the Far West Coast of South Australia are strongly influenced by their environment. Artists have strong connections to Country. To the west of Ceduna the vast plains of the Nullabor inspire artists' work, while the area north of Ceduna boasts the largest untouched virgin mallee and spinifex country to the south the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight and to the east ancient rock formations such as the Gawler Ranges. This diverse cultural environment of land, sea and desert is reflected strongly in the work of the artists.

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