Leeanne Coleman-Betts

Leeanne comes from a large family of artists based in Streaky Bay & Port Lincoln.

Leeanne enjoys painting at home but attends our studio from time to time. She began painting as just a hobby & has since developed into a professional artist in 2018. Both Leeanne’s sisters and mother have a love for creating art and sharing their language and culture with everyone.

Leeanne uses various of painting techniques and approaches in her practices such as dot painting and applying contemporary techniques to her various painting tools. Sources of inspiration for the artist include themes such as ‘waterholes’ and ‘salt lakes. She enjoys that she is familiar with, stemming from the Country she grew up in, and admires her sister and mother’s strong language, strong culture.


  • Tarnanthi Artfair Online, 2021
  • DAFF 'Darwin Aboriginal Artfair Online 2021
  • Tarnanthi Artfair, Tandanya , 2019-2020
  • Port Lincoln Artprize, Nautilus Arts Centre Gallery, 2020


  • Arts Ceduna Stall, Tunarama Festival Port Lincoln Foreshore, 2018
  • Arts Ceduna Gallery, Ceduna South Australia, SA 2018, 2020
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