Patricia Gunter


Patricia's aboriginal name ‘Wandjeri’ was given to her by her grandmother. She is a certified national wide interpreter in Pitjantjatara/Yankunytjatjara language. She belongs to the Pitjantjatara/Yankunytjatjara people. She has been painting for over 30 years and was taught at a young age by her grandparents. They would often show her how to draw in the sand telling a story using symbols and patterns sharing significant stories-Culture. When I was a little girl I would help my elders collect seeds, gumnuts to make jewellery, watch them collect, carve, burn to make traditional artefacts out of (Kaddia wood). They would also paint using traditional sand ochres a traditional medium used to make paint artworks, “I liked hearing the significant of symbols and meanings in the story telling by my grandparent”. All my artworks are unique, I use impasto medium mixed with traditional sand from my country where the land (munda) is red, my latest painting (Healer-Ngangkari) takes away the sickness bad stuff affecting the person body, mind and spirit. This is what I am about using traditional bush medicine to heal people. Patricia enjoys speaking and sharing her language with her children, grand children on days out bush or back home to Yalata, Oak Valley and to the APY Lands spending time with her family (Waltja).


- 2019 Tarnanthi Art Fair, Tandanya Adelaide

-The Arts and Culture Centre in Ceduna 2001- 2019

-2018- South Central stories from Desert to Coast, Redpoles, Mclaren Vale SA




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