Warren Paul (Tantja)


Warren lives and works in Yalata which is an Aboriginal Community approximately 200kms west of Ceduna, South Australia. It is situated on the Far West Coast on the edge of the Great Nullarbor Plain. He started drawing 6 years ago and has had no formal training in (Art) drawing techniques. His drawing helps him to relax and also enables him to deal with personal and community problems and to keep his mind active when living in such an isolated area. Since he began drawing, he has drawn many varied subjects for his own entertainment, and some of Warren's early works are based on his dreams and the personal dilemmas of friends. His recent works are concepts that evolve around his dreams, community, and his connection to the inspiring country of the Nullarbor and the abundance and the beauty of the unique flora and fauna.

In some of Warren's drawings he has linked the Spiritual realm of the Dreamtime with aspects of nature. "To us Anangu, there is no difference between the two", Warren said. His community, Yalata, is very special to him; it has given Warren connection to country and the opportunity to work with his people. It has been difficult for him to come to terms with the selling of his artwork. He was selected to exhibit his artwork at the Adelaide Perry Gallery, Sydney, in 2009.

He received the following excellent critique from the judge, Deborah Edwards, about his work and this has given him great pride and confidence. "Warren Paul's drawing thought was fabulous, dense and subtle in concentrated composition that's conceptually deep when you realise the combination of snakes, twisted vines, barb wire and delicate Aboriginal symbols."  The Yalata Community members have encouraged Warren to continue with his drawings.


  • 2008, 10, 11 – South Australian Country Arts Touring Exhibition Program
  • 2008-9 – OUR MOB Exhibition, Festival Centre Adelaide
  • 2009 – Selected for the Adelaide Perry Art Prize, Sydney
  • 2009 – Oyster Fest Exhibition, Ceduna
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